Problems and solutions that are easy to occur in the process of spraying glue

1. The glue cannot be sprayed during use. It may be because the air pressure is too low. Increase the air pressure. Normally it is about 6-8 kg. It may be a malfunction of the spray gun. Check the spray gun. It may also be that the viscosity of the glue is too high. .

2. Spraying glue flying wire, the spraying is uneven, the flying wire is mostly spraying distance is too long or the glue is too thin, the unevenness may be low air pressure, normally 6-8 kg glue is not too thick.

3. After spraying the glue, it may turn into powder and open the glue, which may be caused by excessive glue or poor heat and aging resistance of the glue. Operate correctly, spray evenly or replace the glue with better heat resistance.

4. The spray glue has a strong smell during use, which may be caused by poor ventilation, high temperature or excessive glue spraying. The ventilation conditions should be improved and spray evenly.

5. After the product is glued, it will be degummed. It may be unevenly pressurized, or the glue may not be glued, or the glue may not be excessive, or the best bonding time for glue bonding may have passed.