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27000 +

Land area

25000 + Ton

Production capacity

20 +

Automated production line


Company Profile

Huizhou sailida chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1997 and is located in Honghai Fine Chemical Park, Yonghu Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou. The total investment is nearly 20 million US dollars, covering an area of ​​27,000 square meters. At present, the total construction area is more than 22,000 square meters. There are four modern production workshops, five supporting warehouses, one independent research and development building, and one Modern office building. Our company has 11 advanced automated emulsion polymerization production lines, 6 automated polyurethane adhesive production lines, 6 electronic chemical production lines, and six paint, ink and UV varnish production lines.

Conference room on the first floor of the complex building
Complex building aisle
Complex building
Complex office
Top view of the park
Park road


ALL-IN-ONE Adhesive solution - 1573 Case

We provide an all - in - one adhesive solution for our client producin wine boxes. Successfully using one single adhesive to achieve multiple edge seal for 1573 luxury wine box. One time forming, multi-sealing point, four different surface bonding all in one solution. Saving massive operational effort and cost while also supports silk screen printing with strong bonding strength which can sustain high pile storage.

Metallic discoloration solution - Swarovski

Another customer resolution case for one of the biggest packaging company YUTO Tech.Our adhesive is the only waterbased adhesive solution for YUTO to resolve Swarovski's metallic Jewelry discoloration problem. The applied adhesive is low VOC and with carefully designed formular selection to decrease chemical influence on metal jewelry, has been successfully used for over 8 years with 0 customer complaints.

Low voc adhesive Patent

With our high investment in R&D, we now possess patents for extreme low voc adhesive solution for packaging. This specific adhesive has almost non Volatiles (<1.5mg/ m3 ). Is now specially used in food packaging such as moon cake boxes,cigarette boxes etc. it is not only an environmental friendly choice but also a healthier one.




Application requirements for water-based composite adhesives

1. This product can be used directly, in order to improve the fastness and washing resistance, you can add 3-5% of the special curing agent, stir and use it evenly. 2. This product is suitable for roller coating, knife coating, etc. If the sponge adheres to the cloth, the rubberized surface is sponge. The amount of glue applied is 25-40g/M², which can be adjusted according to the requirements of different fabrics.