Method of degreasing and cleaning metal surface

1. Wipe method: generally manual operation, suitable for cleaning complex parts and small production.

2. Brushing method: It can clean the dirt on the surface that is not firm, suitable for small-scale production.

3. Pickling method: It can clean the oxide scale, organic matter, alkali film and plaque on the metal surface, but it has corrosive effect on the surface, so it is not recommended to use this method.

4. Alkaline cleaning method: The saponification effect of alkaline solvent can be used to remove saponification pollution.

5. Organic solvent cleaning method: Use organic solvent metal cleaning agent to dissolve oil and grease to remove dirt. The cleaning time is short and does not corrode metals. It is worth noting that some organic solvents have harmful effects on the environment or human body, such as trichloroethylene. Attention should be paid when selecting.

6. Ultrasonic cleaning method: The sound energy of the ultrasonic vibration source is converted into mechanical vibration through the transducer, and the ultrasonic wave is radiated to the cleaning agent in the tank through the cleaning tank wall (usually the solution after the ultrasonic cleaning agent is diluted with water) to make the tank The microbubbles in the inner liquid can keep vibrating under the action of sound waves, causing the fatigue damage of the dirt layer and being peeled off.

7. Emulsion cleaning method, electrolytic cleaning method, etc.